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With over 40 years of combined administrative support experience, and 15 years of friendship, Darcy Soucy & Joie Grandbois have brought their talents together to create Nouvelle Lune Business Solutions. 

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Darcy Soucy

Director of Dream Fulfillment

A lifelong Mainer, Darcy has always appreciated the motto “the way life should be.”  Her varied career experience includes pizza slinger, travel agent, group sales agent/manager, customer service representative, legal assistant and real estate paralegal. 

Darcy spent the last thirteen (plus!) years at a bustling local law firm as a legal assistant supporting three attorneys with large client portfolios where attention to detail, diligent multi-tasking, proficiency in Outlook, Word, Excel, .PDF and building client relationships was a top priority.  An eagerness to assist both internal and external clients with the best possible service allowed her to thrive and develop into a valued employee.  Projects included, but were not limited to, document editing, organizing client meetings and events, coordinating travel arrangements, calendaring, and electronic file management.  Darcy’s tenure as a legal assistant was followed by a brief foray into the law office’s real estate department as a paralegal aiding with public information searches, residential and commercial real estate title investigations with local registries of deeds and the intricacies of residential and commercial title insurance commitments. 

Darcy’s free time is spent sleeping late whenever possible, watching slightly too much Hulu/Netflix, searching indoor/outdoor flea markets for surprise deals and horseback riding.  Darcy resides in Auburn with her “Gang of Five” felines (a/k/a Shamus, Houdini, Zeke, Gigi & Wesley). 

She is exceptionally excited about partnering with Joie and looks forward to supporting customers developing their own business endeavors. 

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Joie Grandbois

Self-Care Coordinator

If asked to name their favorite thing about living in Maine, Joie would quite readily say it is being near the sea while still being a stone’s throw away from the forest and mountains.  An explorer by nature, Joie has lived and worked on both coasts and in the Midwest, but Maine has always drawn them back home.

Joie began their work career as a doughnut slinger in a Maine tourist town (it only took one tourist season for Joie to decide the doughnut life was not for them). In the intervening 30 years since Joie discovered a talent for writing, research, and marketing.  These skills have been put to use in the fields of community development, publishing, environmental consulting, and entertainment law.  

Joie has managed their own business, a variety show performance troupe, since 2008.  In 2017 they began offering independent support services for entrepreneurs and creatives, which eventually led to the founding of Nouvelle Lune Business Solutions. 

Joie graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration focusing on environmental sustainability & energy systems.  They also hold an Associate Degree in paralegal studies from Andover College.  Joie is listed as a Certified Paralegal with the National Association of Legal Assistants.

Joie currently lives in Portland with their cat, Miss Pickles, and a small forest of houseplants.  When not solving the world’s problems you can often find them making music, dancing, or wandering the wilds of Maine.

Joie is excited to work with Darcy to help others grow their businesses and find a little down time in their lives.

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